Mars can be anything about life. Everybody desires to live in exciting and interesting structures. Mars is a life unit that offers and maintains this privilege. It is a life space that bears signature of Prefabrik Yapı A.Ş. expertise in every detail. Aesthetic inside and outside, and strong.

  • We would like to tell you about Mars

    About the "New Life Style" that begins with Mars

  • Mars design is inspired by life…

    Their ancestors "cargo containers" travelled around the world and overseas

    Now Mars is travelling on the land, enabling you to discover the world. This life style which is new for you is the reality of your future. An alternative of traditional and classic. Moreover, it is entirely unique and different with all features. Here are some details from life on Mars...

  • Ecologic

    Mars is environmental friendly

    It is a life space in which trees are not slaughtered for construction, environment is not destroyed, protecting the areas that they are transferred, and enabling continuity of natural life along with its presence. Thanks to the technology and materials used for the construction, it is a constructive and ecologic life unit.

  • Modular

    A life space that can be changed, improved according to every condition and location with its various modules

    Designed beyond present needs, Mars is the only life unit that can calculate needs of future as well as today. Mars life spaces are pre-fabricated, and designed to allow easy transportation and assembly. Designed in four different sizes as S-M-L and XL, Mars also offers single storey and double storey alternatives in L and XL sizes. Attachable eaves, patio, wet areas and winter garden units bring the expected comfort into your life.

  • Sustainable

    Life develops if resources are used efficiently.

    Humanity is capable of supplying daily needs without endangering ability to meet future generations' needs, and making life sustainable. Mars is designed and produced with that awareness. It is a life unit with high resistance against all climates and natural conditions by cold, hot and mild climate façade types. Objective is to increase life and offer sustainable, quality future.

  • Mobile and Flexible

    Feel the flexibility of your life space and your dreams with Mars' attachable forms

    The most important term of the century "technology" not only changes life habits of individuals but also changing their expectations and dreams rapidly with the offered opportunities. Mars can be customized according to your tastes in order to meet all your needs, and it is the only alternative to move your own house and make use of what is available. "Technology Point" Prefabrik Yapı A.Ş. is keeping the pulse of the era correctly, and giving its name to differentiation in the social structyre and new age's life culture with "transportability" and "flexibility" concepts exhibited in Mars life units produced in the light of these facts.

  • Safe

    Produced with the strength of steel, Mars is a robust and free life space.

    Designed with a common sense that solves possible problems and refined against all harsh impacts of the life. Mars is the reflection of value given to your life by smart systems that give the feeling of reliability while in use, and able to disconnect from external environment when not in use.

  • Aesthetic

    Everybody wants to live in exciting and interesting structures

    Mars is a life unit that offers you such privilege. Out of routine, over the lines. Mars is the pioneer of new period. It is a life space that bears Prefabrik Yapı A.Ş. expertise in every detail. Aesthetic inside and outside, has strong structure. Modern, genuine, practical.

  • Economic

    Time is the most precious treasure in the world

    Mars saves your time by offering a fast and effective life space . Mars is also budget-friendly, and more advantageous than other structure systems. All the comfort, time and cost saving you need are combined for you at Mars.

  • This is Mars

    Mars can be anything about life.

    It is the name of modular, flexible, safe, sustainable, ecologic, aesthetic and economic new life space. Mars can be a housing, office, classroom, clinic, hotel or store.


Mars Container Offers Habitable Spaces for Future Generations.



Mars Mini

Mars Mini

Mars Mini S

Mars Mini [S]

Mars Medium

Mars Medium

Mars Medium S

Mars Medium [S]

Mars Maxi

Mars Maxi

Mars Maxi S

Mars Maxi S

Mars Flexi

Mars Flexi

Mars Flexi S

Mars Flexi S

Mars Compact

Mars Compact

Mars Compact S

Mars Compact [S]

Mars Comfort

Mars Comfort

Mars Comfort S

Mars Comfort [S]

Make room for
nature technology harmony flexibility development safety esthetic economy time
in your life.


2010 Buildist Exhibition


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